Unit: Squad - Akron Fire Company

Unit Designation: Squad 12-1

Year: 2002

Make: Ford 

Model: F-550

Body: Delmarva

Placed in Service: Monday, April 27th at 0600 hours. 

Previously Served West Hempfield Fire Rescue

Drivers Side Front Compartment: Air Pack, Marriage, Water Can

Drivers Side Middle Compartment: Chain Saw, Mix Can, Sledge Hammer

Drivers Side Rear Compartment: Tool Bag, Wheel Chocks, Water, Sawzall, Generator, Gas Can, Socket Set

Officers Side Front Compartment: 2 Air Packs

Officers Side Middle Compartment: Medical Bags & Oxygen, AED, Bag with 5 Safety Vests

Officers Side Rear Compartment: Cribbing, 2 Step Chocks, 2 6x6 Wedges – Black with Orange Handles, 4 6x6 Blocks – Orange, 6 4x4 Wedges – Black,18 4x4 Blocks – Blue, 22 2x4 Blocks – Red, 

Cab Interior: 2 Portable Radios, 2 Flashlights, Latex Gloves, Binoculars, ERG, Big Easy

Drivers Side Coffin Box: Traffic Control, Spill Control

Officers Side Coffin Box: Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Pickets

Middle Coffin Box: Booms, Portable Lighting, Pool, Extension Cords

Truck Bed: Little Giant Ladder, Dry Chemical Extinguisher, 12 Traffic Cones 6’ & 8’ NY Hook, High Rise Pack, Little Giant Ladder, Dry Chemical Extinguisher, 12 Traffic Cones 6’ & 8’ NY Hook, High Rise Pack

Under Truck Bed Officers Box: Spade Shovel, 2 Flat Shovels, 4 Brush Rakes, 3 Brooms

Under Truck Bed Drivers Box: Shoring Wood

Unit: Engine-Pumper - Blue Rock Regional Fire District

Unit Designation: Engine 903

Date of Review: 03/06/2020

2019 Sutphen Monarch 

1750 GPM Pump

1500 Gallon Water Tank

1,300' of 5" Supply Line

600' of 3" Supply Line

(3) Cross-lay Attack Lines

(3) Pre-connected Attack Lines off Rear Hose Bed

(2) Hose Bundles

PPV and NPV Fans

Rotary and Chain Saws

(4) Sections of Hard Sleeve

Standard Engine Company Hose Appliances, Hand Tools and Ladder Compliment

RIT Pack

Unit: Rescue-Engine - New Danville Fire Company

Unit Designation: Rescue 55

Date of Review: 03/06/2020

2009 Pierce Velocity PUC

(Previously served the Morrisville Fire Company in Bucks County, PA)

1500 GPM Pump

750 Gallon Water Tank

50 Gallons of Class A Foam

50 Gallons of Class B Foam 

20 KW On-board Generator 

Full compliment of Amkus hydraulic rescue tools, air bags, pneumatic equipment, cribbing, rope rescue equipment, saws, forcible entry tools, medical supplies and hazardous materials containment supplies. 

150' 1 3/4" Attack Line on Front Bumper

(2) 200' 1 3/4" Cross-lays

200' 2.5" Attack Line off Rear Hose Bed

400' 3" Supply Hose

1000' 5" Supply Hose

Full compliment of hose appliances and adapters

Other features include a RIT pack, PPV and NPV fans, portable lighting, engine company ladder compliment, various hand tools and other standard engine company equipment. 

Unit: Engine-Pumper - Bainbridge Fire Company

Unit Designation: Engine 71-1

Date of Inspection: 02/01/2020

1995 E-One Pumper

(Previously served Duncannon Fire Company and Chemical Fire Company of Lebanon City)

1500 GPM Pump

500 Gallon Water Tank

Attack Line - (1) 150' 1 3/4" w/ combination nozzle on front bumper

Attack Line - (2) 200' 1 3/4" cross lays

Attack Line - (1) 200' 2.5" w/ smooth bore nozzle in rear hose bed

Attack Line - (1) 250' 1 3/4" w/ combination nozzle in rear hose bed

Attack Line - (1) 300' 1 3/4" w/ combination nozzle in rear hose bed

Attack Line -  (2) racks of attack hose mounted under ground ladders

Supply - 300' of 3" dead loaded in rear hose bed

Supply - 5" dead loaded in rear hose bed

Supply - 5" pony section in side hose tray 

Supply - 3" pony section in pump panel hose tray

Other Featureed Equipment (not a complete list):

Portable Generator

Negative Pressure Fan 

Chain Saw

Rotary Saw 

Stokes Basket

Various Hand Tools

Ground Ladder Compliment 

Portable Master Stream (rear bumper)

Chimney Fire Kit

Current Pump Certification (Due to unit being purchased used)

Current Ladder Certification (Due to unit being purchased used)

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